You guys, I’m distressed concerning John Wick.

Not as a result of the last time we have a tendency to saw him, in John Wick: Chapter a pair of, John was being targeted by assassins from around the world when he killed crimelord Santino D’Antonio within the Continental, breaking the hotel’s most strict rule. That’s not nice for John, however, it’s for the viewers World Health Organization get to look at the “Baba Yaga” on the run in John Wick: Chapter three. No, I’m distressed concerning John owing to this.
That’s Oscar winner urban center Berry as Bulgarian capital, a mysterious new character from John Wick: Chapter three. All understand|we all know} concerning Bulgarian capital is that 1) her name is Bulgarian capital (and we have a tendency to didn’t even know that till recently), 2) she has wonderful handwriting, 3) she has 2 smart Dogs, and 4) per the Hollywood newsman, “Sources say she is going to not be the film’s villain.” Okay, however — and listen to American state out — what if she is?

If you saw somebody dramatically walking down a dimly-lit hall wearing black with German Shepherds on either aspect of their animal skin boots, you’d assume they were up to no smart, right? Technically, everybody within the Wick-verse is up to no smart, however Berry’s Bulgarian capital appearance additional ominous. These “sources” that the newsman spoke to (and the now-disproven rumors that Hiroyuki Sanada, from The Wolverine, would be the most antagonist) may well be a misdirect. perhaps we’re presupposed to suppose Berry may be a hero once, actually, she’s Chapter 3‘s massive dangerous. I mean, Catwoman hanging out with dogs? You can’t trust her.

Which brings American state back to why I’m distressed concerning John Wick. There’s a lot of hypotheticals here, however stick to me: let’s say, hypothetically, that urban center Berry is that the villain, and, hypothetically, she sicks her dogs on John Wick (and/or his beloved pit bull), and, hypothetically, the dogs area unit about to chew his bully off. Would John Wick kill the German Shepherds to avoid wasting himself? It’s an ethical quandary. the sole reason John is thinking he’s back is as a result of Theon Greyjoy killed his endearing hound dog, the last gift from his dead better half. There’s one thing nearly superbly karmic concerning the toilet Wick franchise coming back full circle, but mostly, I hate it. There area unit 2 (again, hypothetical) options: either John dies and no a lot of John Wick movies (noooooo), or John murders the dogs (noooooo) and that we ought to root for a (k)any killer. I hate each selection.

I take it all back: urban center Berry goes to aggroup with John Wick, and they’ll live with happiness ever when in 5 a lot of John Wick movies. No dogs were injured within the creating of those motion footage, that is nice news for this guy.


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