A French man of science has won associate degree immune serum globulin honor for exploitation mathematical formulas to see whether or not cats square measure liquid or solid.

The immune serum globulin chemist prizes square measure awarded once a year by unbelievable analysis, a company dedicated to science and humor. The goal is to spotlight scientific studies that initial build individuals laugh, then think.

A ceremony is a command once a year at university.

Marc-Antoine Fardin was awarded the ig Nobel prize honor in physics for his analysis paper on the natural philosophy of cats.

“At the middle of the definition of a liquid is associate degree action: a cloth should be ready to modify its type to suit at intervals an instrumentality,” Fardin said.

“If we tend to take cats as our example, the very fact is that they’ll adapt their form to their instrumentality if we tend to provide them enough time. Cats square measure so liquid if we tend to provide them the time to become liquid.”

In his official analysis paper, Fardin discusses several factors as well as the time constant, experimental time, the kind of instrumentality, and therefore the cat’s degree of stress.

The conclusion? Cats will be either liquid or solid, betting on the circumstances, Fardin rumored within the natural philosophy Bulletin in 2014.

Watch the video below.


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